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Description:   hot millions project is an c# sql express website where you can login and book and order your menu items. This project is built in Visual studio 2008 with c# sql express edition This project is built by Vipul Malhotra hot millions project is an c# sql express website where you can login and book and order your menu items. This project is built in Visual studio 2008 with c# sql express edition

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SudokuLib generator c# Sudoku library, generate and solve sudokus, Programmed in c# .net, to use with winform application and pages

URL Shortener for ASP.NET A URL shorterner for ASP.NET / C# that works in the same way as TinyURL and Implemented as a ASPX page (for redirecting shortened URLs to their destination) and a Web Service (to be used as an API for creating / retrieving shortened URLs). ...

ASP.NET DB Admin Control ASP.NET DB Admin Control is a small Web Application, contains basic database functions using ASP.NET including a database driven user authentication, adding new records, viewing records, editing and deleting records.

ASP.NET DaST Rendering Engine DaST pattern is the first truly object-oriented web development approach based on pure HTML templates and uniform code-behind. ASP.NET implementation of this concept is proposed as a simpler and more powerful alternative to WinForms and MVC.

ASP.NET Web Site Administration Tool This project is a Web Site Administration Tool for ASP.NET that does not require the use of Visual Studio to be launched. It enables a user to configure users and roles. This project is to be hosted on the web site domain it is used ...

ASP.NET-CMS Project ASP.NET-CMS is aimed to be a good easy to use and manage web based content management system. It will include all possible features that a web application can have like a web portal. It will have good administration features. Easy to useExtensibleSkinableMulti-LanguageVery Fast System Information This project provides a web-based system info page. The goal is to have a concise description of a system's vital using a normal web browser. This software is similare to the wide-used PHPSysInfo, but is based on and on the .NET Framework.

WebLibraries For ASP.NET WebLibraries is a group of libraries which help you to decrease time to create web application. - AspWebFlow is Framework to implement ASP.NET with MVC patterm ( Model View Controller ) and manage navigation View.

BasicCRM - CRM C#, ASP.Net, mySQL A working skeletal CRM application programmed in C#, ASP.Net and mySQL. Any support for it would be great. Much of the functionality has been completed all that is left is a few pages and cosmetics

FCKeditor Example in ASP.NET This Example Aims at using FCKeditor in ASP.NET Pages Completely with Source code in C#.NETIt Contains fully Organized Code and FCKeditor ScriptsHelpful for BeginnersThanks to FCKeditor Developers!!!

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aspAlumni aspAlumni - Schools: track your alumni and let them track each other. ASP 3.0/VBScript/MSAccess. Stable release 9-30-2004. Looking to rewrite in Ruby On Rails in 2007!

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